Adjusting to life after a divorce

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A divorce is often one of the most difficult and challenging periods in an individual’s life. Because a marriage is one of the most substantial relationships a person enters into, losing this bond may cause significant anxiety.

Everyone deals with loss in a different way. Some people may fear the idea of separation and cling to the hope that a marriage can be saved. Others may feel a loss of security or sense of well-being, while some simply miss the intimacy of a close relationship. Despite the differences in dealing with loss, it can take some time to fully adjust to the positive changes a divorce brings.

While people cope with change and stress in different ways, there are some recommended steps to help deal with and move on after divorcee.

Support groups play a key role

First, and perhaps most importantly, it is crucial for people to identify and seek out the help of a support network. According to a WebMD article, a support network can help fill the void created by the end of the marriage. Whether it comes in the form of family members, close friends or an organized activity, having a structured person or group to rely on during the transition can make people feel more secure and offer a sense of stability. Support groups can be most effective when people are willing to open up and share his or her feelings.

Defining oneself

As the marriage comes to an end, each spouse moves away from the feeling of being part of a couple. This time can be difficult and create feelings of uneasiness for many people; however, experts also say this is an opportunity for that individual to redefine who they are as a person.

Introspective thoughts can consume a person post-divorce, so seeking out new activities or exploring untapped interests can help a person form a new identity as an individual.

Effect on children

If there are children involved, it is also important to learn how to play the role of a single parent. An adequate support system is essential at this stage to ensure that new roles can be developed successfully.

These activities may all play a significant role throughout the entire adjustment process, which nears completion when goals become future-oriented, rather than past-oriented. For example, when an individual is ready to try new activities and meet new people, this can be a sign that it is time to begin looking toward the future.

Help through the process

Finally, it is important to remember that the adjustment process takes time and even small steps are significant. The key is to keep moving forward and looking toward the future.

How the process is handled initially will play a role in how a person adjusts to life after divorce. Anyone considering divorce should discuss his or her situation with an experienced family law attorney. An experienced lawyer can provide guidance through the entire divorce process and help ensure that the adjustment process goes as smoothly as possible.

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