Avoid these missteps in your high-net worth divorce

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Divorce is never an easy process even if, in the beginning, it seems like you both agree on every aspect. In fact, there are so many moving parts to divorce, that the chances of ending things without even a minor battle are very slim.

For instance, while you might reach an easy decision on who gets the main house in Fort Collins, you could find yourselves fighting over the dog, the living room furniture, the weekend cabin in Aspen or even the retirement accounts.

Be sure to choose an attorney who will assist you in resolving these issues without blowing them out of proportion.  Give us a call for a consult to get creative ideas on how to work out your differences — without creating more conflict!

With so many factors to consider during divorce, it is entirely too easy to make a misstep during the process. What may seem like a simple mistake in the beginning could actually end up costing you big by the time you sign the divorce papers. Before you agree on a divorce settlement, make sure you haven’t made the following divorce mistakes.

Being too agreeable

Many people are so desperate to end their marriage that they will agree to almost anything to get the process over as soon as possible. Do not be willing to sacrifice your fair share of the marital property just to get your divorce completed in record time. If you do this, you risk financial ruin and it could take years to recover.

Letting guilt rule you

Often, when one spouse wants to end the marriage and the other does not, there is some guilt. If you were the one to push for divorce, don’t let guilt play a part in decision-making during the settlement process. Doing so could cause you to give up more than you should to ease your conscience.

Hiding assets

Do not hide assets from your spouse. Some people think that by hiding away assets, they can keep the property. Unfortunately, the court does not look kindly on people that attempt this tactic and you could end up with a ruling that heavily favors your soon-to-be ex much more than it might have if you had disclosed those assets.

Going in angry

Just like guilt, anger can also work against you during divorce. If you go into the process thinking that you will punish your ex by taking everything, think again. Dragging out the process because you are unwilling to settle for less than everything will end up costing both you and your ex in legal fees. That means that once you do settle, there will be less to go around for both of you.

If you are considering divorce, be sure to avoid the above mistakes. By making a plan, staying organized and finding the right outlet for your emotions, you can come out of a divorce ready to start your new life.

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