How to ask for divorce without making things worse

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If you plan on asking your spouse for a divorce, it’s safe to assume that your marriage is already on the rocks. For this reason, you have every right to have concerns about what will happen when you finally muster up enough courage to bring this topic to light.

There are several steps you can take to ask for a divorce without making things worse. Here are five things you should consider doing:

  • Prepare yourself: Don’t ask for a divorce on a whim, but instead prepare accordingly by thinking long and hard about what you want to say and how you’ll react as the conversation progresses.
  • Choose the right time and place: This goes along with proper preparation, as choosing the right time and place will provide the setting necessary to have one of the most important conversations of your life.
  • Don’t walk back: Once you ask for a divorce, your spouse may do everything in their power to get you to change your mind. It’s okay to hear them out, but if you’re 100 percent sure that divorce is the solution to your problems, you should stand firm. Providing false hope during this conversation is never a good approach.
  • Don’t discuss the details of your divorce: Even if your spouse wants to discuss details, such as those pertaining to property division and child custody, you should avoid doing so. Neither one of you are in the right frame of mind for this conversation, so put this off until the actual divorce process is underway.
  • Expect the unexpected: Maybe your spouse will go along with your request for a divorce because they feel the same way. Maybe your spouse will begin to cry. Maybe your spouse will become aggressive. You need to expect the unexpected, to ensure that you’re properly prepared.

It’s never easy to ask for a divorce, but once this conversation is out of the way you’ll feel better about your ability to lead a better life in the future.

Once you have everything out on the table, you can focus on yourself and the steps you can take to make it through the divorce process in Fort Collins with as little stress and confusion as possible.

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