Filing an uncontested divorce can help you keep costs low

When a legal issue arises in your family, the best way you can protect yourself and the ones you love is by consulting a family law attorney who understands how to help you.

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Divorce can have a strong impact on your financial stability. Not only do you have to split all of your assets with your ex, but you also have to pay for the time you spend in court and with each of your individual attorneys.

Divorces can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the process is much more expensive if you have to have protracted court battles about important issues. For some couples about to divorce in Colorado, filing an uncontested divorce could be a way to minimize the stress and expense involved.

What is an uncontested divorce?

As the name implies, an uncontested divorce involves filing for divorce with already agreed-upon terms set between you and your spouse for major issues such as the division of parental responsibilities and how to split up your assets.

Couples can reach these uncontested decisions in a number of ways. They can negotiate with one another, relying on advice and advocacy. They may follow rules outlined in their prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. They could also go to mediation if they have trouble reaching an amicable decision with just their own attorneys presents.

Regardless of how they reach terms, they must present them in writing to the courts, who will then review the terms and approve them. So long as the provisions do not violate Colorado state law, you can anticipate a much faster and less difficult resolution to an uncontested divorce than a contentious one.

You still want legal counsel for an uncontested divorce

In your desire to minimize the cost of your divorce, you could make a mistake that could haunt you for years to come. Trying to set the terms of your divorce without the assistance of your own attorney could leave you vulnerable to unscrupulous behaviors on the part of your ex.

They could manipulate or trick you in a way that could cost you time with your kids, or your fair share of assets or support after the divorce. Having your own attorney is a good way to ensure that you stick up for your rights and that your ex doesn’t manipulate or control every aspect of the divorce.

Uncontested divorce isn’t always the best option

If your spouse has been manipulative or engaged in financial infidelity, such as hiding debts or assets, you likely shouldn’t rely on an uncontested divorce to resolve your marriage. If you do so, you could be at risk of falling victim to any number of deceptions or manipulations, even if you work with an attorney.

Having a litigated divorce in certain circumstances can benefit and protect you. If you aren’t sure about whether an uncontested divorce might be a good option in your case, sitting down to talk with a family law attorney who has experience with the Colorado family court system can help you make a more informed decision.

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