YIKES! A stay-at-home order with my estranged spouse??? What can I do?

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Were you considering divorce or legal separation and now are homebound with your spouse who was driving you crazy already? What can you do so you don’t feel so angry and stuck?

Keep your distance. Stay busy in another part of the house with something other than the one who irritates you. This may be the time to clean out that closet you were meaning to take care of. Maybe the dog needs a bath or walking. And it’s always a great time to play with your kids. Spend time teaching them something new – or doing something old with them. Your kids will love your attention and you will enjoy it, too. Rake the yard… Prepare the garden… Keep busy in an area of the home where problems won’t brew. Do things to reduce your stress and the overall stress in the household. If you feel tensions rising, remove yourself from the situation. It’s hard to engage in conflict unless you are close enough to do so… If things get out of hand, call 9-1-1.

Gather information. This is a great time to compile information about your household income, expenses, assets and liabilities. You will need all of this information to proceed with an action should you decide to do so. You can gather not only your income, asset and liability information, but that of your spouse, too. If there are investments, trusts, retirement accounts or other financial matters, write down dates, account numbers and values. Don’t forget to gather information relating to your children as well. Make note of the people who have cared for your children. Take some time to think about who has been actively caring for the children on a daily basis. Who takes them to the doctor? The dentist? For piano lessons? To Karate? To swim lessons? Who goes to parent-teacher conferences? The children’s activities? Take time to journal about interactions between you, your spouse and your children. Write down your observations of times spent with the kids by each of you each day. Think about what parenting time would be in the best interests of your children in the event that you decide it is best for all concerned to move forward. Take time to think carefully about what you might want to do. You should be certain about your choice – Should you move forward or are you able to resolve your differences?

Knowledge is key! Get information about your rights and responsibilities. Knowledge is power! If you have a good understanding of what to expect, your future is less uncertain. And you can calm down and relax now. Once you have an idea of the possible outcomes of your decisions, it is much easier to make them. You don’t need to suffer under the stress of uncertainty!

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