Effective co-parenting strategies

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Legal separation and divorce procedures today look much different than they did several years ago. Couples facing the legal processes now have concerns that outweigh the separation of property and shared visitation rights. There are several co-parenting techniques that Colorado residents use to alleviate some of the stress associated with the separation process.

Child custody

A common concern for child custody revolves around the geographic location of one or both parents. Joint physical custody allows room for the family unit to make uniform decisions surrounding the best interest of the children involved.

A second major consideration for custody matters involves the financial support of minor children. Shared custody matters often include a stipulation for shared support, while sole or limited custody situations generally require a preplanned financial strategy. The purpose of creating these agreements is to ensure that the best interest of the children are the main priority.

Co-parenting and overall well-being

Creating a co-parenting plan that works requires maturity and flexibility. Fluid family units have a much better chance at long term success with child custody arrangements than parents who frequently bicker over trivial matters. Since the circumstances surrounding a divorce can often lead to feelings of loneliness or bitterness, this is not always an easy feat.

The best way to remain focused on what matters is to practice mindfulness and use logical thought rather than emotional reaction. The quality of child care should be the main concern for all parties involved. Fairness and integrity are not only essential tools for families experiencing a separation, they are also characteristics parents strive to role model for their children.

There are very few amicable divorces, but most can be civil with a little practice. Trying times create chaos and can lead to elevated stress levels, which ultimately result in poor decision making. An easy work around is to pause, consider all options, and allow time for reflection before responding to an unpleasant situation.

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