Social media use during a divorce

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When Colorado spouses are going through a divorce, they often lean on others for support, and they want to be heard. One place where many of them choose to go is social media. However, airing all of the details of the divorce in the public realm can be a recipe for difficulties in the proceedings.

What you post in public can be used against you

Even though people want to feel like they have people to lean on, Facebook and Instagram may not be the best place to go. You never quite know who is watching when you post and how the information can be used. If your spouse has a legal case against you, what you post may give them proof and ammunition to use against you in court. All they need to do is go to your social media page.

Social media friends may help stoke your emotions

Posting on social media can also inflame tensions at a time when cooler heads need to prevail. This is when you need to be working to reach a settlement of divorce issues to stay out of court. However, people on social media can “egg you on” into taking a harder line stand that could lead to litigation. While you may need a shoulder to cry on and a listening ear, it is better to seek this in private. Keep your circle to a trusted few confidants. Otherwise, people could give you advice that you do not really need or rile you up to fight when you should be compromising.

When you are going through a divorce, you need to try as hard as you can to stay calm. The decisions that you make can dictate your life for years to come. People who you barely know can give you advice that could actually work against your interests. As much as you need support, you should seek it in a more tailored way.

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