There’s more to gray divorce than age

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On Behalf of | May 21, 2022 | Gray Divorce |

When you got married, you imagined spending your lives together. However, after years together and a lifetime to grow and change, you may reach your later years looking at a very different partner than you did when you first got married.

You may have seen younger couples argue over who will get the house and how they will divide custody of the children. The goals may feel quite different now that you are contemplating your own divorce.

Here are a few of the components that make grey divorce different.

No child custody

Typically, grey divorce applies to couples over 50 years old getting a divorce. While you and your partner may have children, they are likely already on their own or close enough that custody is not a significant issue.

Considering retirement

Rather than worrying about how you will share time with your children, you will likely be looking forward to (or already enjoying) a time when you no longer need to work. Getting a divorce can have a significant impact on what happens with your retirement plans.

You and your spouse may have spent the last several years saving money and daydreaming about your retirement plans. As you look at divorce, you may need to rethink your objectives and what the impact of divorce will have on your financial future.

Knowing what you need

With age comes a determination to be happy. Over the years, you have learned many lessons, and you know that sometimes making a big change is key to getting yourself on the right path.

Whether you have been contemplating divorce for a long time or you suddenly realized that the relationship is no longer meeting your needs, getting a divorce can help you start a new chapter.

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