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The spark of adoption starts deep inside. Some people who adopt say, “I always knew I wanted to adopt one day.” Others might say, “I always wanted to be a mom, and this is the way it will happen for me.”

But know this: once you have that spark, you will not give it up, even if it takes years.

If this sounds like you, then you have what it takes to get through the adoption process. It might test your patience. It might make you question everything you know about yourself. It might also open up your entire world.

At Lunt, Smith & Associates, LLP, our hope for you is that your spark — the calling to adopt a baby or a child — grows and grows into parenthood.

We Can Assist With The Adoption Process

Many adoptive parents in Colorado choose to go through an adoption agency. Within that agency, there are often several types of adoption paths to take:

  • Foster-to-adopt
  • Domestic adoption
  • Domestic infant adoption
  • International adoption
  • International infant adoption
  • Sibling adoption
  • Open adoption
  • Closed adoption

Adoption agencies walk hopeful parents through the necessary requirements. Depending on the protocols of the agency, the steps can include:

  • Adoption classes
  • Adoption orientation
  • Background checks
  • Medical checks
  • Parenting courses
  • Home studies
  • Meetings with social workers
  • Outreach to birth mothers

At some point in the process, an adoption attorney will be brought in to assist with the legal aspects of the adoption. Most often, adoptive parents bring a child home and are required to wait several months for the adoption to become finalized. We handle review, drafting and filing of all the necessary adoption paperwork. If you need representation in court, we assist with that as well.

Begin Building Your Family Today

Adoption grows from a spark, the thought that you want to add to your family. Let our lawyers help you answer the call. If you would like to learn how we can assist you, contact our Fort Collins office today. Call 970-286-0577 to speak with one of our caring attorneys, and set up an initial consultation today. No matter what stage of adoption you are in, we are ready to help.

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