Complex Property Division In Divorce

When a legal issue arises in your family, the best way you can protect yourself and the ones you love is by consulting a family law attorney who understands how to help you.

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Many divorcing couples are faced with challenging decisions regarding the division of assets, debts, retirement plans, businesses and other types of property. When attempting to resolve these matters, it is wise to contact skilled attorneys who can provide valuable insight and legal guidance.

“I am forever grateful for all you have done for me. You are an amazing attorney and I am grateful that you helped me get the order I needed in place. It’s the best thing that has happened in my case. Thank you for everything.” — Sincerely, A Former Satisfied Client

Complex Asset Division · Equitable Distribution

Financial circumstances can become very complex, but when you are assisted by lawyers with just the right mix of experience and training, much of the stress of your complex matters can be reduced. Our philosophy is to work hard for an equitable resolution outside of court, but when that is not possible, we are prepared to stand firm to protect your assets and handle divisions involving:

If your spouse has managed all of your financial affairs and you have little to no idea of your financial picture, don’t be afraid or embarrassed. We are dedicated professionals with the skills and experience necessary to discover exactly what your assets are, to protect your interests and to make sense out of what can be a confusing process.

We have forged solid professional relationships with the top experts in fields necessary to timely and accurately determine the value of your businesses and other properties.

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