Divorce Involving Business And Professional Practices

When a legal issue arises in your family, the best way you can protect yourself and the ones you love is by consulting a family law attorney who understands how to help you.

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Even in the best of situations, dividing a business can be a complex undertaking. When the division comes as a result of a divorce proceeding, the complexity is compounded. Most often, a divorcing couple faces emotional and financial turmoil. These stressors only serve to complicate valuations, allocations of assets and negotiations. You need experienced divorce and business attorneys who can efficiently guide you through this process.

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While Lunt, Smith & Associates, LLP, is headquartered in Fort Collins, we have spent the last two decades representing clients in communities throughout Colorado and internationally. If you are facing a high-asset divorce or a complex property division, we encourage you to speak with a member of our staff. Our intricate understanding of family law and our financial acumen are directly beneficial to clients seeking divorce.

Experienced Business Valuation Lawyers

By working with industry experts, appraisers, certified business valuation analysts and certified public accountants (CPA), our goal is to protect every aspect of your business interest and monetize it, if appropriate. Along with this financial information, we will strive to answer several questions about the business such as:

  • Was the business started during the marriage?
  • If the business was started prior to the marriage, did it increase in value?
  • Is one party more appropriate to continue the operation of the business?
  • What role has each party played in developing or running the business?

With answers to financial and logistical questions, we can begin developing a case strategy that protects the best interests of our clients. We can help with the division of family businesses, specialty retail stores, restaurants, and professional practices such as accounting firms, medical practices or construction companies. Clients trust our attention to detail and thorough preparation to guide them through the process.

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