Modification And Enforcement Of Court Orders

When a legal issue arises in your family, the best way you can protect yourself and the ones you love is by consulting a family law attorney who understands how to help you.

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If your financial situation has substantially changed, it might be necessary to revisit your current court order. Through the legal process, nearly all aspects of the court orders relating to children can be modified to ensure that it is in line with your current situation. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our skilled Fort Collins child custody and child support modification lawyers.

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At Lunt, Smith & Associates, LLP, we have extensive experience representing clients in communities throughout Colorado. The court system understands that changes in your child’s circumstances and your circumstances, including job loss, job change, medical bills or other financial situations can change the parameters of a court order. While many parties might attempt to reach a verbal compromise on their own, it is crucial that you work through the legal system to modify the court order. A verbal compromise is not legally binding or enforceable. As experienced family law attorneys, it is our goal to assertively represent your changing situation to the judge.

Child Support Enforcement

It is not uncommon for individuals to fall behind on child support payments or refuse to pay based on changing financial situations. Without a modification to the court order, the original judgment must be followed. If you are not receiving the appropriate, on-time payments, there are several remedies available through the legal process, including:

  • Bank garnishments
  • Income assignment (similar to wage garnishment)
  • Contempt of court

It is important to work with skilled attorneys rather than attempt to rectify the situation on your own. Far too often, one party will withhold parenting time (visitation) until the other party makes the appropriate child support payment. This, in fact, can do more harm than good and can actually place the other parent in contempt of court. We encourage you to contact our office to schedule a reduced-fee initial consultation.

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