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When you are searching for legal representation in your parental relocation matters, we urge you to consult Lunt, Smith & Associates, LLP. Based in Fort Collins, our exclusive family law firm represents parents who are seeking to relocate with their child as well as parents who object to their children being relocated.

Reliable Attorneys Who Can Help You Understand Colorado’s Relocation Laws

When you are considering a move that may affect child custody and parenting time plans, it is important to speak to someone who can help you understand how Colorado laws will affect your situation. Fort Collins parental relocation attorney Barbara L. Ornelas can handle all matters related to move-aways for Colorado residents.

In Colorado, if the parent with whom the child resides most of the time wants to move with the child, he or she is required by law to give the other parent a written notice as soon as practicable that outlines:

  • His or her intention to move with the child
  • Reasons for the decision to move
  • New location information
  • A proposed new visitation plan

In addition to considering the best interests of the child, the court will look at other items when determining whether to allow relocation of the child, including:

  • The reasons why the party wishes to relocate with the child
  • The reasons why the opposing party is objecting to the proposed relocation
  • The history and quality of each party’s relationship with the child since any previous parenting time order
  • The educational opportunities for the child at the existing location and at the proposed new location
  • The presence or absence of extended family at the existing location and at the proposed new location
  • Any advantages of the child remaining with the primary caregiver
  • The anticipated impact of the move on the child
  • Whether the court will be able to fashion a reasonable parenting time schedule if the change requested is permitted
  • Any other relevant factors bearing on the best interests of the child

In all parental relocations cases, it is crucial for the parent who would like to move away to obtain a court order allowing the move before relocating and to provide evidence that the relocation will be in the best interests of the child. Similarly, it is imperative the nonmoving parent can present reasons for why the move away would not be the best for the child.

Attorney Barbara L. Ornelas will work closely with you to create an accurate and compelling case that represents your intentions. Our top priority is to help you obtain fair results that are in the best interests of your child, and we will go the extra mile to do so.

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