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Barb, I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. ~ From a satisfied client


I cannot speak highly enough of Barbara and her team. This was a highly stressful experience and I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Barbara. She expertly guided me through the process and helped to find a path that ultimately got to a conclusion that was appropriate. I always considered that Barbara had my best interests at heart and was candid and concise in her guidance and feedback. I would never consider working with anyone other than Barbara and her team moving forward. ~ Ian April 01, 2016


It has been both an emotionally and mentally exhausting day. I’m spent. Yet, I cannot imagine having better counsel. Both of you [Barb] have been awesome.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your service to me and my children. Your professionalism both in and out of the courtroom was exemplary and your “Bed-side Manner” put me at ease during a very dark and stressful time.

Sincerely written.
Thank you again for everything,

A professional and passionate Lawyer
Back in 2003 I had a case where I was being alienated from my child and had not seen him for two years. I had three different lawyers and seemed to get nowhere. The frustration and loss was overwhelming. I was fortunate to find Mrs. (Lunt) Ornelas and everything changed. I now have my child full time and have a great relationship. I know everyone’s case is different. The biggest difference was with Mrs. (Lunt) Ornelas she was sincere, just talking with her you get a sense that she cares about her clients and is very knowledgeable and has a passion for what she believes in. I recommend her and actually just call her office and find out for yourself. I recently needed her services again and she was again very helpful. The best part it’s been ten years and the receptionist remembered me and so did Mrs. (Lunt) Ornelas. I thank you for the exceptional service and you are five stars in my book.
Sincerely, Shane

I give Barb Ornelas an A++ rating for her time as my lawyer.
Barb is an incredible lawyer. She was knowledgeable concerning all aspects of my complicated case. She was supportive emotionally when I needed it. She helped me to save on fees whenever possible. She is extremely professional in her presentation in court, during depositions, etc. I would recommend her to anyone needing legal representation for domestic relation cases. – Paula

Review of Barb Ornelas
Barb was an absolutely fantastic lawyer. She was very quick to respond to my emails and my phone calls. She was very upfront and honest with me about options and situations concerning my case. She always asked me what I wanted done in the case and never said or did anything that I did not approve of. Barb was also very knowledgeable about the laws and court systems. She put my mind at ease about the very stressful situation I was going through. – Kristi

Trustworthy and highly recommended
During a very emotional and difficult divorce, Barb was the level headed, knowledgeable and professional representative I needed. Faced with some interesting challenges, she handled my case with compassion and the utmost respect of privacy. Her understanding of the law helped resolve potential issues and conflicts and her guidance helped lessen the stress and burden of humiliation I could have suffered. Professional in every approach, Barb encouraged me to have confidence in the legal system and to trust her judgment. In the end, she not only helped negotiate a successful agreement that was most beneficial for me and my daughter, but we forged a friendship I am grateful for. Since our initial meeting and working relationship, Barb has continued to take interest in my family and offer support as a friend. It’s not everyday that you meet someone you can trust with your case, but Barb is an exception. I have recommended her services to others and will continue to do so. – Terri.

Barb, I just wanted to personally thank you for working on my case. You were an excellent lawyer. I appreciate all of your hard work and understanding. I was in good hands with your representation. Thank you so much for everything. – K.W.

Barbara Ornelas and her assistant are (in a word) AWESOME! After having given more than a few attorneys a chance at representing me, Barb is “the one” lawyer that I finally feel is working not only “for” me, but, “WITH” me! Her “right hand” He is ever-present to reassure that things are proceeding as they should, and that’s because she has the pulse of Barb’s clients’ needs. Ms. Ornelas is HIGHLY regarded in the legal community here in Fort Collins/Larimer County, and notable is the fact that when I was in the process of interviewing various attorneys, I was pleased and encouraged to learn that upon mentioning Barb as a potential “new” attorney – and after telling of my very complex family law issues – each and “EVERY” attorney seemed ultimately ready to defer my case to Ms. Ornelas. I was recommended to Barb by a mother, and I’ve since recommended her to fellow fathers and mothers…my case is about my child; and at the end of the day, I understand Barb’s drive to be ALL ABOUT JUST THAT….My Kid!!! She’s fair, she’s real, she’s THE REAL DEAL. – “Anonymous Father” June 12, 2013

Barb represented me in 2012 for my Hague Convention case and through her tenacity and passionate research and belief in the truth, my little girl was returned to us here in Australia with the success of our trial. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Barb’s amazing, passionate representation, we would have not been successful in our case. . . She is an amazing woman who went above and beyond her duties to help us. The complexity of the case and the fact that I was from another country did not deter Barb from performing an amazing service for what is right and just in this world. She will always be part of our family here in Kalbarri, Western Australia. We are indebted to her for the rest of our lives with what she was able to achieve for me and my family through the US justice system. . . Well, this time it is a victory for all fathers out there and for truth. Thank you Barb for an amazing, truly amazing, job in returning my little girl to my care in Australia. – R.T. June 08, 2013

Dear Barbara:

Thank You!! For your Talent, Knowledge, Justice and Blessings! – R.G.


Your help in managing the most important part of my life – my relationship with my daughter – has been crucial. I came to regard you as more than my attorney: you have been a good ally and a good ethical compass when I most needed one. The money I have paid does not come close to adequately expressing my gratitude. – D.K.

Going through a divorce is hard enough. But when you find a great lawyer it helps. I had a lawyer I wasn’t really happy with and then I found Barb Lunt (Ornelas). Barb is intelligent, knowledgeable, professional, honest, respected and cares about her clients. I respect and trust Barb completely with my case. – D.W.


Thank You so much for all your encouragement and for always being there for me. You are awesome! I feel really blessed . . . With much admiration and respect to the BEST attorney I know!! – P.T.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for all the services you have given to me and my family. You are a warm, kind, loving and honest lady. I am so fortunate to have chosen you as my lawyer. You are wonderful! – C.P.


I appreciate your professionalism and thoroughness in representing me. One of the things I most appreciate about your law firm is the personal care your office took to truly listen to me and my needs. Thank you! I will be sure to recommend your firm to others. – K.S.

Going through the divorce was an emotional wreck on my life. I felt unable to function let alone have any idea what or how to do anything involving this process, I was overwhelmed. Barb knew this and was able to explain things to me in terms I understood. I was able to continue through and move on. She is knowledgeable, and she listens and cares for her clients and their children. She makes a connection with you, one you do not want to lose. She has integrity and compassion. She will fight for justice yet be honorable. I feel God works through her for you at this time of need. – M.D.

Needing the services of a family lawyer is not an easy position in which to find yourself. I was nervous, angry, filled with anxiety and rather over emotional. From my very first meeting with Barb, I was put at ease. She was incredibly patient with me, a great listener and answered questions no matter how big or small in a manner I could understand. And most importantly to me, she was my strength and my guide when I felt lost and exhausted from my particular situation. She easily gained my trust that she would do everything she could to obtain my goals in an honest, reasonable approach.

Through our journey together, I learned that Barb knows the law and she knows it well. She was very clear with me in regards to what her experience has taught her about what works and what doesn’t. I never had any hesitation following her lead. Barb is a warm, lovely woman, but she is tough when she needs to be and has a strong confident presence in the court room. I am grateful that I had Barb as my lawyer and will definitely call upon her again if the need arises. – E.V.

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